Dr Asif Qasim: Cardiology

Dr Asif Qasim: Cardiology

Peer-to-Peer Learning in the HealthCare Industry

One of the main purposes of Dr. Asif Qasim (Découvrez la page web asif-qasim de Asif Qasim)’s P2P learning is to globalise clinical schooling, whereby medical practitioners share their secrets and knowledge with each other in real-time. Dr. Asif Qasim suspected that medical training could be delivered in an alternative way, so he created Peer-to-Peer learning. Instructors see that providing substantial instruction for doctors is unattainable, due to growing student numbers and insubstantial budgets.

Dr. Qasim on Saving Lives through Technology

Delivering appropriate healthcare promptly can be demanding at the best of times; that's why Dr. Asif Qasim is adamant that it is important to make use of cost-effective computer technologies. Dr. Asif Qasim strongly believes that Internet-based platforms will not only make for longer-lived patients but also reduce the cost of healthcare in general. MedShr is one of a number of networks created with the goal of improving doctors' competence in handling the conditions of their patients. With computing and the Internet has come new opportunities for improving patient care.

It is reassuring to know that there are medical professionals who are not just dedicated to taking care of and treating their own patients' disorders, but also to the well-being of the many. Dr. Asif Qasim has laboured hard to promote higher standards of medical care. This dedication is slowly but surely paying off. With persistence and hard work a challenge can be overcome.

What is Behind Dr. Asif Qasim’s Expertise?

Learning by experience is without a doubt the best way to develop expertise. Many opportunities to gain such experience are available to people who are successful in their jobs. Following his appointment as a King’s College Hospital and Mayday Hospital cardiologist, Dr. Asif Qasim became the Lead Consultant Cardiologist in 2008. Dr. Asif Qasim started off his career in cardiology by studying at the University of Cambridge in the UK. After obtaining his PhD in Cardiovascular Biology he relocated to Milan for a fellowship in interventional cardiology.

The Achievements of Dr. Qasim

Expected in 2015 was a non-invasive centre, aiming to assist one-stop establishments. During the year 2009, Dr. Asif Qasim set out to carry out his vision for the Croydon Heart Centre. Contrary To Dr. Asif Qasim, not all medical doctors are able to maximise their duties, but decide to focus on one area of their expertise alone. It is, however, better to use all of one's potential to reach out to more individuals.

Dr. Asif Qasim, a cardiology consultant located in London, founded and became CEO of MedShr. Without impacting their busy work schedules, Dr. Qasim wants doctors to be able to find guidance to manage serious cases well. Helping doctors to interact with each other is considered by Dr. Asif Qasim to be the most efficacious way to advance cardiovascular care.