05 Jul 2017

BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China by S. Lichtenberg

Photo BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China   by S. Lichtenberg

Education is the basis for achieving great things; it results in you becoming tougher and far more capable of dealing with any problems that manifest. Pretty much all prosperous entrepreneurs are high achievers educationally; this indicates that a solid education, together with strength of character, is imperative for achieving one's goals. simon lichtenberg (Blogspot.com, Simon lichtenberg) secured his Chinese Language diploma in the year 1988 at Fudan University in Shanghai. As a teenager, Simon Lichtenberg stayed in Africa after his attendance at Danish Tvind (private) educational institutions.

Simon Lichtenberg's company, Trayton Group, was launched by him in the year 1995. Initiating the Trayton Foundation (which helped in lighting the city of Shanghai, not to mention the installation of rooftop solar panels in 2012) are just some of the positives that Trayton Group (owned by him) has done. Business-focused individuals often build their own company that they can pour all of their commitment, passion and energy into; this is one of their biggest accomplishments. Simon Lichtenberg's establishment is centred in Shanghai; it also has other factories positioned in Zhejiang Jishan.

Simon Lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award in Shanghai because of the contribution that his company has made to the city's standard of living. The skill of speaking various languages puts an entrepreneur at a considerable advantage. It is evident that he has remarkable will-power and dedication as a businessman because he has been successful in his goal to form his own establishment in the modern country of China. Simon Lichtenberg has resided in eight different countries and can communicate in seven different languages.

The Business of Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg would not be one of the best businessmen in the world today if he had not learned from making mistakes in the operation of his business. All businesses are subject to difficulties, and these are to be overcome to succeed. Simon became engaged in the furniture market after being a part of the timber industry for some time. In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg, a businessman originally from Denmark, established his own company, having been in the timber business for some time.

Some of the Accomplishments of Simon Lichtenberg

By '93, Simon Lichtenberg had developed an industry which, in time, began trading in the furniture industry. Looking to the past, most business people find, in their accomplishments, their fondest memories. Having contributed great things to developing Shanghai, he was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006. Fudan University, based in Shanghai, is where Simon Lichtenberg was awarded his diploma in Chinese language back in 1988.